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Since 2004 Micro Steel Fabrication LLC, Dubai – has been serving the needs of companies in projects such as Steel fabrication & machinery jobs, Waterjet cutting, wirecut, and EDM. Our commitment to delivering high-end engineered metal products to a wide range of industries, including new and existing Shipbuilding, Civil & Construction, Oil & Gas, etc has been the cornerstone of continued success.

Over the past decade, we have successfully executed many projects for small, medium & large scale industries.  We have concentrated mostly on the Aluminium Smelters in the region and area preferred associate when it comes to Projects. We  could  establish  ourselves  to  be  a  partner  for  many  of  the  solution  providing companies  in  this  field.    We  have  a  team  of  experienced  and  dedicated  technicians  monitored  by qualified and experienced Management team.

What We Do

Fabrication Division

We help you build metal structures by cutting, bending and assembling process and have partnered with leading Construction companies in the UAE region for fabrication and related works. Our Products includes; Read More

Machine Shop Division

Machine Shop Division at Micro Steel Fabrication offers a complete and comprehensive line of machining services to cater an extensive array of products and services from prototyping to high volume production. Read More

Projects Division

Our Projects division offers in-depth knowledge, experience, and technical expertise across multiple engineering disciplines, we apply customer's desire to design mechanical systems enabling a building or system to operate at peak efficiency. Read More

Process Improvement

At Micro Engineering, we collaborate with clients to identify, analyze and improve existing process to meet objectives of reducing cost, increasing profit and accelerating the process. Read More


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